Just received the African Masks I ordered. Absolutely beautiful.Delivered within 4 days. Will shop again.

Capture the essence of Africa




We want you to feel as though you could close your eyes and be instantly transported to the mysterious continent down south. African Art.com is about us having lived, traveled and worked in Africa since birth. We want to share with you the wonderment of this magical land. It can bring much joy and benefit to your life, as well as to the lives of the artists and craftsmen and their families in Africa.

Just imagine, if you could:

  • Fish along the shores of Madagascar
  • Feel the heat in the deserts of the Karoo and Sahara
  • Walk through the mists surrounding Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
  • Trail through the Drakensberg Mountains of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa
  • View an outline of Robben Island from atop Table Mountain in Cape Town
  • Hear the thunder of thousands of wildebeest hooves during the migrations of the Serengeti

Africa is a land of rich contrasts, and we believe that this is reflected in our selection of South African art. Ornate carvings. Bright colors. Designs steeped in mystery. We'll help you bring the essence of African cultural intrigue right into your living room. From an artisan's expert hands to your front steps, your South African art purchase is authentic and one-of-a kind. It is sure to bring you and your family enjoyment for years to come. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of your purchase, but you will also feel satisfied, knowing that you helped provide an honest, decent living for a hardworking African artisan. We thank you for your visit and hope you find your heart's desire within our pages.