Just received the African Masks I ordered. Absolutely beautiful.Delivered within 4 days. Will shop again.
AfricanArt.com is an on-line store of traditional, modern and contemporary African Art. Our on-line store carries hand-crafted Authentic African Art, African Masks, African Paintings, African Musical Instruments, African crafts, Tribal art and much more.

We pride ourselves on our collection of contemporary and traditional African art including our African masks and abstract sculptures. Read more about our art here. We have one of the most extensive and diverse collection available.
Our products are sourced directly from Africa using a direct supply chain avoiding suppliers and thereby benefiting our customers and artists with whom we have built long standing relationships over the years.
All our products with the exception of textiles are hand crafted in Africa using old world techniques passed on for generations, so rare these days where polyresin products are the norm.  

Each purchase you make from our store is making a difference in the lives of our artisans and craftsmen and is helping them sustain themselves economically .Our store is your one stop shop to buy fair trade handicrafts, artifacts and gift items.
We hope you enjoy our large and exciting collection of decorative and collector African art!
Please note that all items featured on our website are hand made. Variances in size, color, texture and style will occur. Some might have age cracks and material imperfections which add to their beauty and authenticity.
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Guardian Africa Network

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"Aquaba" African painting
Gallery Price: $109.99
Your Price: $89.99
"Aquaba" African painting
approx 25"L X 17"W
"Twin Sankofa Bird" African thread art painting
Gallery Price: $89.99
Your Price: $69.99
"Twin Sankofa Bird" African thread art painting
Approx 18"L X 24"W

For your reference, below is information on some African countries and tribes with a book review on African Art.
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African Art Book review
Tribal Art by Judith Miller